Authored Books

Edited Books

Articles in Refereed Journals

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  • “Europe: Unification and Devolution”, Zmanim, Vol. Nopp. 94-104,  1993, (in Hebrew).
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  • “The Land of the Free and the Fearful”,
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  • “A Note on Multiculturalism and Cultural Dominance”,
    in The Proceedings of the American Society for International Law, pp. 200-206, 1996. (A short version of “Two Concepts of Multiculturalism,” published 1995)
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    “The Right to National Self-Determination,” published 1990.)
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  • “A Strange Alliance; Isaiah Berlin and the Liberalism of the Fringes,“ Ethical Theory and Political Practice; a special issue edited by W. Kymlicka, 1998.
  • “Staying in Control; or, What Do We Really Want Public Education to         Achieve, Educational Theory, Vol 61, no 4, 2011.
  • Jointly with APSA Task force headed by Jane Mansbridge and Cathie Jo Martin  “Negotiating Agreement in Politics”, American Political Science  Association, 2013.
  • “Not So Civic: Is there a Difference between Ethnic and Civic Nationalism?”, Annual Review of Political Science, 2019
  • “Building a Better Nationalism, The Nation’s Place in a Globalized World”, , vol 98, no, 2 2019

Articles or Chapters in Scientific Books

  • “Whose History? What Ideas?”, in E. Ullman-Margalit and A. Marglit (eds.), Isaiah Berlin – A Celebration, Hogarte Press, pp. 146-160, 1991.
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  • “The Moral Duty of Promoting Political Conflict; A Reply to Amelie Rorty”, Philosophy of Education: Current issues, (a yearbook published by Educational Theory) 1995.
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  • “Reflections on Patriotism”, in Patriotism, in D. Bar-Tal and E. Staub (eds.). Patriotism: Its Role and Manifestations in Individual and Group Life, Nelson Hall, Chicago, pp.  1997 (Will be published also in Hebrew in a collection on Patriotism, edited by M. Kshti).
  • “Hands off Clitoridectomy”, Boston Review of Books Vol. XXI, No. 3-4 pp. 21-22, 1996., and Response to comments by Martha Nussbaum, Robert Goerge and Francis Camm. In Boston Review of Books, Vol. XXII,
  • “Feminism and Multiculturalism; A Reply to Susan Okin,” first published in the Boston Review of Books, 1997. A revised and extended version will be published in, M. Nussbaum, J. Cohen, and Matthew Howard, (eds.) Feminism and Multiculturalism, Princeton University Press, 1998.
  • “The Right to National Self Determination ” in Philosophical
    Perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, edited by Thomis Kapitan, M.E. Sharpe, New York, pp.  1997 (This article is a combination of a reprint of my paper on the right to national self-determination published in Social Research, and a reply to some of the responses to the original paper.)
  • “Pro-Patria Mori ?” Death and the State, in J. McMahan & R. McKin (eds.), The Ethics of Nationalism, Oxford University Press, 1998
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  • “Ode of Joy”, afterwards, a Translation of Martha Nussbaum, “Non for Profit”, H’ kibbutz H’Meuchad, 2017, (in Herew)
  • Y Tamir, Introduction, Paulo Freire, Letters to those who dare Teach, Dror La’Nefesh, 2017, (In Hebrew)
א.    Articles in Conference Proceedings
  • “Contempt as a Social Strategy”, National Academy of Education, 2015

Entries in Encyclopedias

  • Nationalism, The Encyclopedia Hebreica, (in Hebrew) 1994.
  •  Nationalism – Seymour Martin Lipset (ed.), Encyclopedia of Democracy, Congressional Quarterly Book, 1995.
  • National Education, M. Khasti (ed) , Education Lexicon, (in Hebrew)
  • “Isaiah Berlin’s Theory of Nationalism, Companion Guide to   Nationalism, A. Smith and A. Leoussi (eds.), ABC-Clio
  • “Education and the politics of Identity,”  the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Education, Professor Randel (ed.)

  Other Scientific Publications.

  • “New Horizon, Case study”, 2016, Blavatnik School of government
  • Liah Brilmayer: American Hegemony, Ethics, Vol. 101, 1996.
  • Gadi Taub, The quiet rebellion, Spharim, (in Hebrew)
  • A Review of Will Kymlicka’s “Politics in the Vernacular,” Ethics.